Submissions: 2022 Two Hour Transport Anthology Call

We are excited to open submissions for the Two Hour Transport 2022 Anthology!  

Eligibility: If you have been to a Two Hour Transport online or in-person event you are eligible to submit.

We accept both original work and reprints between 500 – 5000 words in length!


To submit: send an email with the heading Submission: “Title” / Author Name to  Please attach your manuscript of 500 – 5000 words, or up to four poems, to the email as either doc, docx or plain text.  In the body of your email, put your cover letter and please include:

  • Your name 
  • Your pronouns 
  • Your story title
  • Whether your piece is an original or reprint. (If it is a reprint, where was it first published?)
  • Your story word count
  • Any content warnings you think might be relevant
  • A good memory you have of Two Hour Transport
  • A bio of 100 words or fewer

While we appreciate stories of all forms, please don’t submit stories with graphic violence, cruelty to animals or children, or unexamined bigotry.  Please, no porn.

Deadline for submissions is August 31, 2022.

Rights & Pay Rate

Pay: Shares of sales after expenses (one share per author)  Our last anthology paid out about 20 dollars per author.  

Please only submit one story or up to four poems if you are a poet.

We accept original content and reprints.  Authors keep their copyrights. (If it’s not a reprint, this will constitute first publication.)  We are seeking permission to include your piece in the anthology and publish it in print, electronic, and audio form.  

Picture of an open mic that takes place on a disk in outer space, with a dragon reading a story into a microphone in front of a vampire, alien humanoids, and a little black cat on the dragon's tail. The scene is lit by a flying saucer overhead and two flying saucers closer to the center. The text in the center reads 'Two Hour Transport Anthology 2022, Edited by Nicole Bade, Keyan Bowes, Elly Bangs, and Ramona Ridgewell'