Do you love stories?  We love stories.  Once a month we get together and share our original Science Fiction and Fantasy writing at Café Racer in Seattle’s University District.

Please join us.  If you write, think about bringing a short story and signing up for the open mic.  There’s no cover but please consider purchasing food or drink to support the venue, which is an essential part of our community.

Founded July 2015


Our Vision

Two Hour Transport was founded with the intention of building an inclusive, welcoming, and inspiring community for science fiction and fantasy writers in the Seattle area and beyond. We focus on hearing and celebrating the work of writers from all perspectives and across the spectrum of diverse voices. While we welcome all perspectives, hate speech or work that furthers oppression of marginalized people will not be tolerated!


Statement of Support for Black Lives Matter

Systemic racism and racial inequality are embedded in our society. Black people are under threat simply because they are black. Two Hour Transport supports the Black Lives Matter movement and the struggle against racism and systematic oppression. We shall work towards dismantling white supremacy in Seattle and beyond.

Two Hour Transport’s vision is to foster and build an open and inclusive space for writers and their work. We are striving to reverse the institutionalized culture of racism in the speculative fiction community. We acknowledge that the publishing industry has not historically been a welcoming space for Black writers or their stories. Like the city of Seattle, our publishing community has been segregated and gentrified. In the coming months we will be developing efforts to support and encourage Black writers and diverse voices. Please stay tuned for more updates as we move forward in this vital effort.


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Creative Commons License
Bee a Colonist to the Cosmic Elsewhere by Jan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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