April 25th Reading

Join us for two hours of science fiction and fantasy reading at Cafe Racer on Wednesday, April 25th.


Signup starts at 6:30
Five minute readings from signup 7:00 – 7:50
Invited readers 8:00 – 9:00




G.G.’s work has appeared in Corvid Queen, Evil Girlfriend Media’s EGM Shorts, Fantasia Divinity’s Goddesses of the Sea anthology, Pop Seagull’s Robotica anthology, Molotov Cocktail, Iconoclast, the Iron Horse Literary Review, and more. Her flash fiction has recently been nominated for the Best Small Fictions anthology, and she’s currently at work on a short story collection as well as her third young adult novel. In her free time, she’s an improv performer, and enjoys making people spit out their drinks.


What happens when you sit down to write? Sometimes, magic. Magic created that first biography, of Harriet Tubman, and transported the six-year-old Ramona Ridgewell into the cotton fields, toiling from dawn to dusk. Magic made her into a “Citizen of the Galaxy,” and a “Hobbit.” Three years ago, she started on a new journey—writing an epic fantasy series—where characters and places walked right from Ramona’s mind onto the pages of books. She hopes she has created a magical place for you to explore and enjoy.


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