February 28th Reading

* Open Mic sign-ups: 6:00 pm
* Open Mic readings start: 6:30 pm
* Invited Readers: Nicole Bade and Theresa Barker (bios below)
* End of event : 8:30 pm (Ada’s closes at 9:00 pm)


This month we are hosting a very special Two Hour Transport.  We have had requests from our community and audience for Theresa and Nicole to share more of their work.  After 2.5 years of hosting Two Hour Transport, Nicole and Theresa will be taking the Invited Reader stage to read longer excerpts of their work.  Join us!


Theresa Barker’s current work includes The Little Book of Lies: stories that explore the many ways to lie to a partner, a child, a family member.  The good lie, the bad lie.  Lies that seem good enough to fool others.  How lies change you.  The science of lying well.  Lying for a living.  Lying when you have no other choice.  Lying to fit in.  Lying to yourself.  Lying to get ahead.  Lying as a lifestyle.

Nicole Bade writes science fiction and poetry in Seattle where she lives, works, and teaches automation.  When she’s not reading and writing, Nicole does glass work and makes sculptures out of two-part epoxy.

PARKING:  Street parking is free, and there is usually ample open parking a few blocks north of Ada’s along 15th Ave E (it might be a bit scarce immediately in front of the venue).

ACCESSIBILITY:  Ada’s has a wheelchair ramp accessible from the front of the property at street level that feeds immediately into the bookstore and reading space.

FOOD & DRINK:  Ada’s Café offers a full range of café food and tempting sweets, as well as espresso drinks, beer and wine, and other non-alcoholic beverages.

A reminder that our venue, Ada’s Technical Books, will keep the kitchen open until 6:00 pm on THT nights, offering a full menu before 6:00, and “grab and go” food after 6 pm.  Beverages always available!  Come early and grab dinner! Ada’s will offer their full hot menu, including scrambles, the vaunted Power Salad, and more, until 6:00 pm on THT nights. Nicole and Theresa meet up about 5:30 at Ada’s and order dinner – we would love for you to join us. Thanks, all!


Map and directions to Ada’s


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