November 2016 Reading

Join us for two hours of science fiction and fantasy reading at Cafe Racer on November 23rd (Thanksgiving Eve).

  • Signups open at 7:00, we will use the “random drawing from a hat” method of selecting readers.
  • Open Mic readings (no Invited Readers) 7:30 – 9:45, with a break from 8:30-8:45.

Since we will be reading on “Thanksgiving eve” we won’t have features, instead we’ll run an open mic all evening.  Let us know if your SF/F piece needs a few extra minutes during signup.

Feel free to select one of the themes below and write a piece on the theme!

  • “Pied Pumpkins” tell no tales
  • Condemned to spend eternity in the holidays
  • It’s a catastrophe – and the cranberry sauce won’t gel
  • Death rays and cranberry sauce
  • The gravy fountain of youth
  • You can’t stuff a turkey at zero-G
  • Turkey-ternity
  • Velociraptor tastes just like turkey

One thought on “November 2016 Reading

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