September 23rd Reading

Join us for two hours of science fiction and fantasy reading at Cafe Racer.

  • Signup starts at 7:00
  • Five minute readings from signup 7:30 – 8:30
  • Longer slots from invited readers 8:45 – 9:45

We are excited to announce our invited readers for this month’s Two Hour Transport performance will be Amanda Tveidt, Joe Follansbee, and Tom Patton.


Amanda Tveidt is a Seattle based poet and fiction writer.  (Bio forthcoming)

Joe Follansbee is a Seattle writer who’s spent most of his 30-year career writing non-fiction, including local history, articles for Seattle, Seattle Business, and Crosscut, as well as 10 years in public radio. He blogs at His short fiction is published in the 2008 anthology Satirica and on the audio website Drabblecast. A young adult historical novel, Bet: Stowaway Daughter, was published independently in 2011. He’s currently working on a series of novels with climate change as a central theme.

Tom Patton is a member of the Lost Inc. writing group who has unfortunately been encouraged to write from a young age, leading to a dangerously oversized ego and undeserved sense of confidence about the written word.  His work has been quietly published with as little fanfare as possible in the hopes that he might be placated and appeased, but this only makes matters worse and he continues to write to this day.


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