Last night’s event – recap

Amazing event last night! Our inaugural Two Hour Transport at Cafe Racer totally rocked!

Great open mic readings by Susan, Elizabeth, Mitch, Sirena, Rex, Joe and Doug. Sassy androids, mischevious forest fire entertainers, arctic sea thrillseekers, and more, populated the open mic.

Our invited readers, Elly Bangs, Kyra Dewey Worrell, and Liz Kellebrew brought us transposing travel to parallel quantum worlds, a fairy-tale magical auction gone wrong, literally heartless cubicle workers . . . and kudos also to our great audience at Cafe Racer!

Hey, everyone – mark your calendars for the Two Hour Transport #2, Wed. Aug. 26th pm at Cafe Racer, 7:00 pm Open Mic sign-ups, 7:30 pm Open Mic readings, 8:45 Invited Readers.

It’s the best new read in town!


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